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Subject: Cell Phone Records - So Who Have You Been Calling?

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Cell Phone Records - So Who Have You Been Calling?

You may not think cell phone records are interesting, but they are! Cell phone service providers keeps cell phone records for every customer. And cell phone call records have lots of data. Data is useful and so cell phone records are useful too!

For accurate billing, cell phone records show not only:-

• Exact duration of calls made
• Precise connection time, and
• Precise disconnection time

but also, the cost of each call, what you currently owe, tarriff details, additional services and charges, text messages, and all international calls.

Did you know your cellular phone records also show the following information? 

• Who you called
• Who called you, and
• Exact locations of callers and recipients

Cell phone records contain useful information. Getting your cell phone records (i.e. Europeans call them mobile phone records; others may call them cellular or wireless phone records) will reveal a lot about you!

More and more companies know how to get cell phone call records. Access to cell phone records help organizations  gather data. Obtaining cell phone records will give personal details of the cell phone user like the cell phone user billing address, and information on when its used. This information can be used to get even more detail about the cell phone or mobile phone user.

Cell phone records show if call recipients are businesses or homes, fixed lines or cell phones. Cell phone records are informative - and obtaining cell phone records shows how long you talk to whom and when!

So you see purchasing or obtaining cell phone records will interest people or businesses -  cell phone records are great as marketing data, and for lots of other uses.


Cell Phone Records - Protecting Your Privacy and Online Safety

It is important that you protect your cell phone records. As cellular phone services are now moving to online service, it is clear you should ensure no one else can access your cell phone records by pretending to be you. 

To ensure online safety for cell phone records make up a new key with letters and numbers to make it harder for anyone else to guess.

The advantage of online service for cell phone records is you don't need to wait for a monthly bill to slip through the letterbox. You can check your cellular phone records any time online. 

There are advantages to checking your cell phone records online. Cell phone records can help you budget, and  show when you last called someone, or when they last called you.

Your cell phone record will also help you check that you are being billed correctly. It is always worth checking your mobile phone records to ensure you are not paying too much!

Knowing that obtaining your cell phone records may be of interest to others should help you take precautions. Organisations wanting to purchase cellular phone records may only want to use the data to build marketing strategies, but nevertheless you should know that companies do purchase cell phone records and once they have this information you don't know quite who will have the cell phone records or what they do with them.

For the cell phone client it's great to obtain or access cell phone calling records online, but take care no one else can check your phone records. You can establish from your cell phone records whether anyone else has checked your account. So making  regular checks on your own cell phone record is sensible, as is periodically changing your pass key.

Of course your cell phone records are confidential, and your phone service provider shouldn't disclose information from your phone records or sell your phone records to anyone else. 

If you think your cell phone records are being accessed by someone, advise your cell phone service provider immediately so that they can take action to protect your phone records.

The potential for identity fraud  increases with the amount of data that exists about us and our financial data particularly. Moving to online service for cell phone records increases risk.  As online service users we have to protect ourselves. As our cell phone records are also links to our banking details, so take care that it's only you checking your online phone records!

Summary: Cell phone records may reveal the following information:- phone numbers of incoming calls and text messages, location of callers and receivers, and monthly charges on the cell phone. In general, cell phone calling records can either be mailed to a physical address or online email inbox. So make sure you are practicing online safety when using the online option for receiving your Cell Phone Records.


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