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Subject: Detailed Phone Records - Are You Breaking the Laws?

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Detailed Phone Records - Are You Breaking the Laws?

If you are trying to investigate someone, his or her detailed phone record could literally be essential to your case, whether professional or personal. But how do you investigate detailed phone records?

If you are a licensed law enforcement agent, you can of course require a warrant for it and then receive it from the wireless or cell phone service provider. But if you’re not a licensed law enforcement officer, it’s a little more difficult than that.

But how do the Civilians do it? First, if you are trying to obtain a detailed phone record for a mobile, wireless or cellular phone that you do not own, you will need the target’s personal information.

If you are trying to obtain the target’s detailed phone record yourself, you will either need a permission from the phone owner, or to commit an illegal act of Phishing known as "Pretexting".

We're 100% against the use of of any illegal activity for gaining access to someone's detailed phone call records. Therefore, we're in no way affiliated with the sale of or promotion of selling illegal detailed phone call and text records on our website.

Important: This article is written with the understanding that you are curious about obtaining another person’s detailed phone call records / logs, with no intention of actually doing it, as it is illegal. The writer and publisher of this document or web content take no responsibility, as you have been warned that it is a criminal act.


Detailed Phone Records - Legitimate Reverse Phone Lookup Online

You may have come across the online services that offer disclosure of any detailed phone record if you willing to pay, and although they don’t always deliver what they promise, if you find one that does, it is by far easier than the below mentioned ways:

(1) If you are the phone owner or can legally gain access to the phone, then you could attempt Digital Forensics, which is where you attach the mobile phone to your computer and download all of its current and trashed files, and reconvert them to their original format with an appropriate program for the make and model of the mobile phone.

This will get you deleted contacts, deleted messages, and everything else that is in tact on the device. You may even be able to download deleted voice mails, depending on the manufacturer and make of the device. However, "Digital Forensics" isn't an easy task as you will need to be skillful with the method.

(2) "Pretexting", a phishing scam where you pretend to be the target, and call in to the mobile phone network provider's customer support, and request the target's detailed phone record. Please be understood that "Pretecting" is illegal under almost all circumstances, and you could be prosecuted under the laws (i.e. by a fine and/or up to 20 years incarceration).

Keep in mind, the phone service provider will auto send copies of these detailed phone records to the phone account’s physical address.

Nevertheless, if you are only interested in learning a few things about the phone owner, such as his/her name and address, then all you need is to doing a reverse phone lookup with the person's telephone or cell phone number. You can do this over the internet through one of the legitimate reverse phone lookup services online.

Summary: It is illegal to access someone's detailed phone records without a prior authorization. "Digital Forensics" and "Pretecting" are two commonly known methods used by some people for accessing detailed phone records. Conducting a legitimate revese phone lookup can reveal the phone owner's name and house address, but illegal phone calling logs and/or text records.


Recommended Resource for Cellular / Telephone Reverse Lookup: Reverse Mobile Online

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