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Subject: Mobile Phone Records - Can You Access Someone's Mobile Phone Records?

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Mobile Phone Records - Can You Access Someone's Mobile Phone Records?

It used to be very easy to obtain mobile phone records. All one had to do was go online, find relevant web sites, and buy copies of phone bills of given mobile phone numbers. This was enough to give you mobile phone records with comprehensive lists of both outgoing and incoming calls from the phones.

This system was, unfortunately, very open to abuse and mobile phone records often ended in the hands of wrong people. Almost anyone could purchase mobile phone records of a particular number he was interested in. If bloggers could get mobile phone records of General Wesley Clark, then it is apparent that nearly everyone's records could be accessed by determined individuals. It was reported that the bloggers bought the general's mobile / wireless phone records at $89.95.

So, in 2006, there were new regulations and amendments that made it ILLEGAL to buy mobile phone records (i.e. phone call logs & text records). The only person who can legally obtain mobile, cellular or wireless phone records is the phone's owner who has details proving the ownership.

This, however, has not closed all doors to getting mobile phone records. For example, if you believe it is really necessary and certain about its legality, you could use a GPS enabled device and monitor the mobile phone holder's movements. Consult with your attorney if you are not sure about the legality of your action.

Alternatively, if you are the rightful owner of a phone that you would like to get mobile phone records for, you may use the services of Digital Forensics experts. Such forensic examination will cost you money to retrieve your mobile phone records that include all deleted messages and call records.

You may also search the numerous online websites to see if you can come out with incriminating details on needed mobile phone number. Such websites may allow you to conduct a reverse mobile phone number lookup online on the phone numbers of a person, and giving you the ability to learn about the details (e.g. name & address) of the phone owner.

It is important to mention that a legitimate reverse mobile phone lookup doesn't involve any unlawful activity such as to acquiring illegal phone call logs and/or text records from unauthorized sources. People who are selling and/or buying illegal phone call / text logs could be court charged by a fine or incarceration for up to 20 years.


Mobile Phone Records - Who will Want to Access Your Mobile Phone Records?

While there are different types of people who use mobile phone records, those who do this more often seem to be couples in the present world that is full of infidelity. Many spouses seem to suspect their partners and they resort to using mobile phone records in a bid to get some peace of mind.

Indeed, even in the case where private detectives are involved in checking mobile phone records, they usually do this at the behest of suspicious partners.

Given the convenience that mobile, wireless, GPS or cellular phones offer those who want to get involved in some kind of cheating, infidelity being among the most prominent ones, many couples see that checking their partners' mobile phone records is a good way of, as it were, catching their loved ones in the act. Infidelity is a sensitive issue and the suspicious partner often tries every possible means of unearthing the truth, however painful.

However, it is not only suspicious spouses who make use of mobile or cell phone records. It is nowadays a common practice for companies to give their employees mobile phones to ease communication and so that necessary information may be passed back and forth regardless of someone's locale.

Such companies are interested in their employees' business mobile phone records basically for two main reasons:-

• For accurate phone billing in which the phone records give them a clear statement as to the involved mobile phone bills that they (i.e. employers) have to foot, and

• In some cases, they are also interested in mobile phone records to be able to monitor the employees' activities during office hours.

Therefore, if you think your mobile phone calling records are being accessed by someone without your consent, inform your mobile phone service provider as soon as possible so that they can take necessary steps to protect your phone call records.

Summary: It is illegal to buy/access unauthorized mobile phone records. However, to conduct a reverse mobile phone lookup via legitimate reverse phone lookup services is 100% legal. Many people are using online reverse phone lookup services as this will allow them to quickly identify the mobile phone owner's details (e.g. name & house address) without breaking the laws.


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